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Guaranteed Karma

Connecting nonprofits and businesses to strengthen local communities.

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Dustin Kendrick

My name is Dustin Kendrick and I’m a Chicagoan who largely believes that what you give to the universe you will receive back. Unfortunately, the universe is busy and takes its time in reciprocating that same energy. Guaranteed Karma was developed to create a program that provides you with local rewards immediately after you’ve selflessly given to others. Helping the community and local business is a priceless attribute that will bring us all together.


Volunteer At An Event

Chicago & New York have a number of opportunities to get involved within your community. Sign-up today!

Get the Karma You Deserve

After your volunteer, you’ll receive an email with perks to use in your local community!

Be the Change You Want to See

Volunteer at Guaranteed Karma events as much as you’d like, but this time invite your friends or families too, perks included!

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“A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.” – Unknown